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Title: Pokey
Artist: STaerkel
Medium: ugly dog on black velvet matting with golden frame.

As kids, we used to go fishing off the breakwater in Eastport, Maine and the only thing we ever caught was a fish called a sculpin, which looked like this dog. My father used to say that some people considered sculpin a delicacy, but we didn't really believe him because he said this about every disgusting foodstuff. The green stuff in a lobster's gut? Delicacy. Cow's tongue? Delicacy. Sculpin? Turns out it was actually what we now call wolf fish, also known as the poor man's lobster, because they feed off of lobster and start to taste like them. You are what you eat. A delicacy.

We mostly just chased each other around with sculpin and then threw them back in to continue feeding off the bottom-feeders. Some people consider bottom a delicacy .

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