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The Schoolboys

Beatle Mania by The Schoolboys makes The Beatle Buddies look like a well thought out concept album, a Sgt. Pepper, if you will. On the front of the album the band is called, "The Schoolboys," but in the liner notes the band is referred to as "The Liverpool Moptops," and then on the record they're called simply, "The Moptops." Sort of like "The Originals" and "The New Originals" in Spinal Tap.

From the liner notes:
"THE LIVERPOOL MOPTOPS–these four young men, who with a group of excellent musicians, have adopted the style of BEATLING, the hottest craze in show business on either side of the Atlantic."

Maybe they decided to go with The Liverpool Moptops because someone else was BEATLING with the name The Moptops across the ocean, like say, in Spokane.

Okay, that's fine. But what really amazes me is that whomever was in charge at Palace Records managed to overlook many basic rules of album design: 1. Name of band should be consistent throughout entire album; 2. Sentences in liner notes should convey a complete thought; and finally, 3. If there are four guys in your crappily slapped together Beatle knockoff band there should be four floating crappily-drawn heads on the cover of the album!!! Not five!!!

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