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The Exciting Jerry and the Singing Goff's

The Exciting Jerry and the Singing Goff's

I am really excited about this album!

Here in Nashville, which inexplicably is called "The Athens of the South," we have a full-size replica of the Parthenon which is in "The Athens of Greece." Our Parthenon was built for the centennial expo here, a World's Fair type of thing, and people liked it so it stayed. It's a cool building, right in the middle of a park, but none of the native scholars that I have met has ever been inside.

Nashville is also "Music City, USA," which is not to be confused with "Music City, Greece." Lots of bands try to make it here and it's popular to have your photo of your leisure-suited gospel band taken in front of the Parthenon. The Exciting Jerry and The Singing Goff's, scholarly lads, no doubt, are a fine example of this not so popular cultural phenomenon.

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